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Facebook ads with a Twang is dedicated to taking the often over complicated process of creating successful FB ads and breaking them down step by step in less than 10 minutes at a time.
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Aug 31, 2017

Your competitors in the Facebook news feed are glaringly obvious but they probably aren’t who you think.

Do you think Wal-Mart is competing against Amazon with their ads?

Every Facebook ad in the news feed is competing against everyone’s friends and family.


People aren’t on Facebook to see your ad or my ad. Ads are an interruption to seeing what their crazy uncle Fred said over the weekend.  Or maybe seeing their grandkids new pictures.


You and I are dead last on the priority scale.


You don’t have to make your ads better than your competition. You have to make them better than their friends who post.


Look through people who are in your ideal audience. See what they are posting about. That is exactly what they want to read and see.


Model your ads to conform with those and you’ll have a winner.


This episode is all about getting the right message for the right market.

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Aug 30, 2017

On this episode, I answer one of the questions that many Facebook ad experts cringe at hearing.  “Should I just boost my Facebook posts?”

Maybe the reason Facebook managers don’t like it because they see it as a way for business owners and entrepreneurs to run their own ads.  Perish the thought!

The knee jerk reaction and I have been guilty of this myself is no you should not boost a post.

However, on this episode, I cover the pros and the cons as well as give you suggestions when you SHOULD boost and when you shouldn’t.

If you want me to save you the suspense the short answer is - boost if you don’t feel comfortable with using either the ads manager or power editor AND you have a strategy behind boosting.  

In other words, don’t boost it just for the sake of it or because it is so easy.

When was the last time you made a ton of money using a marketing tool that was as easy as a couple clicks?

If you’d like to see a quick video tutorial I have made about how to boost a post the right way - you can access it here:

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Aug 28, 2017

Maybe you’ve heard of this fantastic research tool that Facebook has called audience insights.

It is right in your ads manager.

On this episode, I cover the ins and outs of it and how powerful it can be to find out the nitty gritty of your own audience as well as your competitors.

There are some limitations and Facebook does get some of their data through 3rd party sources.

Not everything is available for every country.

However, this tool will allow you to understand your own list or fans in great detail.  Demographics, page likes, spending habits and much more.

If you want to see how I used it during the episode then go here and download a video tutorial I did for you.

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Aug 18, 2017

The Facebook business manager can make a huge impact on your business by protecting yourself.

Most people think it is just for marketing agencies or for Facebook ads experts but really it is for everybody who has an account.

In this episode I go over how it can protect you in these ways:

  1. Adding partners - that way you maintain control. Not the person who is running your Facebook ads.

  2. Adding users like a virtual assistant so they can only get access to the necessary items.

  3. How it helps if your ads account get shut down and it can no matter how bulletproof you think it is. We are just playing on their field… they can kick anyone of us off at any time for any reason!

Go to to setup your account.

Setup your account.  Add your Facebook ads account and add your Facebook business page.  That’s all there is to it.

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Funnel Strategies for Facebook

Aug 15, 2017

The first thing Facebook asks you to choose when setting up a campaign is what the objective will be.  They are trying to determine how and where to show your ads to help you accomplish what you want.

There are currently 10 possible objectives…. WHEW! A few of them look exactly the same or are just outright confusing.

On this episode, I explain the only 4 you’ll probably ever use (for now) and which one means what so you can make a great decision.

The 4 that are used consistently are:

  1. Conversions
  2. Traffic
  3. Engagement
  4. Lead Generation

BUT and this is a big but - before you even think about picking one you must outline your overall strategy so that once you have to pick on you’ll know exactly which one to choose.

You might choose conversions for driving people to a lead magnet or a webinar. You might use traffic for retargeting. You could use engagement to get more Facebook Live views…. Etc.

Suffice to say there is more to it than just picking one off the top of your head. If you need help or just want to be part of a supportive group that will help you and answer your Facebook ads questions - come on over and join Funnel Strategies for Facebook -

See you there!!!!

Aug 10, 2017

Targeting is such a huge topic that I can’t cover absolutely everything.  However, on this episode, I give you some practical tips on how to find interests to target that most of your competitors either don’t or won’t do.


You’ll find out things like:


How to identify, understand and reach customers that convert by answering these 12 questions.


Where to go to find additional targeting sources.


How to exclude audiences so you can get in front of new people.


How to narrow your audiences and make them more refined.


Here are the links I mention:


  1. Free PDF - 12 Questions to identify, understand and reach customers that convert
  2. Facebook audience insights


Don’t forget to email me if you have questions:

Aug 7, 2017

This episode is actually quite a bit longer than the usual episodes. Mainly because there is a lot more to consider.


Hiring somebody can really be a sigh of relief or a source of stress.


I’m giving some practical tips as to where to find somebody and what to ask them when you do.

I’ll be answering questions like:


  • Do you see hiring someone to manage your Facebook ads as an expense to be managed or an asset that drives revenue?


  • Are you looking for someone to just input the ads or a Facebook marketing expert that can strategize your campaigns?


  • Why it is important for you to understand how to Facebook ads yourself even if you’re going to hire someone else to run them.


Find out why 99% of responses when asking for Facebook ads manager recommendations in a Facebook group are probably not a good idea.


Also, you’ll discover the 4 key questions you should be asking anyone you’re considering to take over your Facebook ad duties.  These are crucial and will help you see a different perspective.

I covered A LOT!   So feel free to contact me with additional questions.

Aug 3, 2017

This episode may not be exactly what you think.  We are talking about those elusive Facebook ad leads for a nickel.


The leads that really do not exist but yet many think that’s what they should be getting.


Instead of focusing on pie-in-the-sky marketing I’ll talk about the 2 major keys to Facebook ads and figuring out what the cost of business is for you.


Can you live with a 2 to 1 return on investment instead of 20 to 1?  Meaning you make $2 for every $1 you spend instead of $20 for every $1.


You can stop comparing your campaigns to anybody else’s and start having them stand on their own. That’s one of the HUGE secrets to successful Facebook ads!


Don’t forget to email me if you have questions:


Aug 1, 2017

On this episode, I’ll discuss ad images and answer some often asked questions…


  • Should you use your picture in the image?


  • Should you use stock images?


  • What images convert best?


  • Should the image be similar or the same as what is on the landing page?

  • How much text can you put in an image since the rules changed?


I’ll also talk about where I find stock images… both free and paid.  As well as the tools I use to create images.


Here are the links I mention: