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Facebook ads with a Twang is dedicated to taking the often over complicated process of creating successful FB ads and breaking them down step by step in less than 10 minutes at a time.
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Jan 31, 2018

I was so excited about this episode that I literally stayed up way late to finish recording and get it ready for you.

Why? Because I love messenger bots! 

Yeah, I know. It is just another thing to learn and it is not the same as getting an email address but they are really powerful and much easier than most realize!

You get nearly 100% open/read rates compared to what… maybe 20% on email. 

You can interact with your potential customer by asking questions and then giving them answers based on how they respond. 

You can make them entertaining because if they’re on Facebook they are looking for a distraction after all.

So, on this episode, I go into a strategy that is really powerful and easy to set up.

Also, I have a ‘flow’ (or sequence) that I’d like to give you if you’ll just click here to message me:

Let me know what you think!!!

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Jan 29, 2018

Facebook recently made a change.  What a shock. I know. 

Now, business pages will have even less significance in the news feed.

This means the organic reach will be even smaller and it was already almost zero.

On this episode, I talk about business pages, how these changes will affect them and whether or not it should change your Facebook ads strategy.

I also dive into diversification and why it is super important not to have all your eggs (and I don’t even eat eggs) in the Facebook basket.

See you on the other side…

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Jan 26, 2018

This episode is a more advanced technique partly because it requires you to commit time and money to your ads for about 30 days.

However, the rewards can be pretty amazing.

What I discuss is how to find the best placements for your ad.

All the Facebook ad experts (myself included) always say to only put your ads in the news feed.  With a couple of exceptions.

On this episode, I talk about how to use all the placements to figure out really which one is the right one for your ad.

Just remember this is a test. You are trying to figure out what works.

That’s what the pro media buyers do. They don’t pin their hopes on 5 days of 1 Facebook ad. 

They’re prepared to spend money to figure out what works and be patient regarding the results.  Leave emotion at the door.

Don’t worry that’s a lot easier said than done. :-)

In the meantime, check out episode 51 and let me know what you think. 

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Jan 19, 2018

Running a webinar and driving traffic to them takes a lot of time, effort and money.

This retargeting strategy is simple yet effective at getting more people to show up live as well as more to purchase.

Most emails follow up sequences are read by only about 20% that sign up. That means that 80% of those who said “Yes, sign me up for the webinar” will never see a reminder.

Out of sight out of mind. 

They might have signed up for your webinar but they aren’t nearly as excited about it as you are.

So we have got to stay in front of them in every way we can.

With this retargeting strategy, we are going to build 3 custom audiences and run 3 separate retargeting ads.

The first ad will remind those that registered that the webinar is happening.

The second ad will be to those that registered or saw the replay that you have an offer for them and you’ll run those ads until your cart closes.

The third ad is to those that visited the webinar registration page but did not register.

You paid good money to get them to click so you might as well extend them the offer too. 

If all this sounds confusing then go ahead and listen to the episode and you can also take a look at this bonus video showing you how to set everything up.

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Jan 17, 2018

Facebook lead ads which are listed in the campaign objectives as ‘lead generation’ have been out for a couple of years.

These ads are designed to capture leads quickly and easily without leaving the Facebook platform.

On this episode, I talk about how to set up the lead ads including creating the form as well as what placements can be used. 

Facebook lead ads are good for some businesses but not others and once you listen to this episode you’ll be able to see if they might work for your next campaign.

Just remember with Facebook lead ads you’ll need a way to get the email addresses you collect from Facebook to your email service provider.

With some providers, they integrate directly but with others, you may have to use to have them ‘zapped’ to your email service.

Once you get it all ready to go it really is a breeze and could be a great way to build your email list.

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Jan 15, 2018

On this episode, we cover how Facebook charges for your ads as well as a few other things like:

  • Campaign Spending Limits
  • Campaign Budget Optimization
  • Daily Budget
  • Lifetime Budget

Also, I go over why getting charged by impression vs link clicks is actually not a bad thing and for the most part is the optimal way to run your ad campaigns.

The key to how you get charged is how you set up your account and I review this toward the end of the episode.

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Jan 10, 2018

This episode is really just a list of tools I use every day when creating my Facebook ads for clients. 

I am an affiliate for some or all of these and there are free alternatives but so many people asked I thought I’d just give them to you like I have them:






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